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Three Wise Gifts

God has given every person three wise gifts: Timing, A Course of Action and Conviction.
Success comes with timing: Solomon said, “There is a time for everything.” Jesus understood timing. Jesus told Mary, “My time has not yet come” (John 2:4). Then at the right time He performed the miracle of turning water to wine. “…A wise person does the right thing at the right time” (Ecclesiastes 8:5 NCV). A teenager knows the right time to approach their parents about an issue. A wife knows the right time to ask her husband about a need she has. An employee knows how indispensable timing is when approaching their boss.

Success comes when you stay the course: Jesus knew the course to take in any given situation. His steps were ordered of His Father. He stayed on course even when the winds of adversity where trying to blow Him off course. “He set his face like a flint,” Christ was assured, “he would not be ashamed” (Isaiah 50:7 KJV). Stay the course – don’t deviate because of adverse circumstances. Set your face like a flint. God won’t let you down.

Success comes with conviction: Jesus wasn’t ambivalent about what He believed. His convictions were unbendable and unshakeable. “The faith which you have, have as your own conviction before God…” (Romans 14:22 NASB). Don’t live by convenience – but by conviction. Success yields and gives way to the man or woman who lives by their godly convictions. Louisa May Alcott said, “He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.”

With these three gifts no obstacle is your equal.

Just a thought,

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