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Naked Vision

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur, full-time student or an overachieving-underemployed leader looking for the right opportunity, we all need to feed the vision. You will never rise higher than the vision that directs you. A vision sees the impossible and inspires us to achieve it. Vision always precedes change; it never follows it. The clearer the vision in your life, the more compelling it becomes. Walt Disney “visioneered” a dream that became a reality. His vision wasn’t complicated; it was to make children happy. He imagined a park where parents and their children could create fun memories together. The initial price tag was 17 million dollars, an astronomical amount when it was conceived. Walt said, “I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible because dreams offer too little collateral.” His vision triumphed. Within the first 10 years, 50 million guests visited the park.

Everyone is familiar with Proverbs 29:18 but have you ever read it out of Young’s Literal Translation? It says, “Without a Vision is a people made naked, And whoso is keeping the law, O his happiness!” Visionless people are “naked;” they are exposed and vulnerable to every distraction and commotion. Please, don’t leave the house today without your vision!

Just a thought,

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