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 If you have been to the movies recently, you can’t help but notice the trend toward digital 3-D. However, this is not your grandparent’s version of 3-D entertainment. The new films like Avatar feature breathtaking colors and effects that make viewers feel as if they’re in the story. Television manufacturers are in pursuit of their own 3-D technology as well.
Yet with all the hype around 3-D, viewers still get only about a 180-degree (or less) view of the action while watching the movie. In theaters they have 360-degree surround sound but not visuals yet. Panoramic, 360-degree viewing of films in your local theater is currently not  available , but don’t fret it’s on the horizon. Scripture teaches, “Without a vision the people perish.” I believe it is God’s intention for us to have a panoramic view (3-D) of our life as it is being folded into God’s sovereign plan for this world. It is reflexive to begin viewing life in a one-dimensional way and miss out on the panoramic view of all that God has done – is doing – and is yet to do. Keeping a 3-D view of life allows us to avoid only seeing the current issues confronting our life and allows us to capture the grandeur of all God is doing in and through us. Take a step back today. Take in all that God is doing. God’s vision for your life is 3-D – get the full panoramic version of His divine plan.
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