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Principle of Recognition

Just because we see something doesn’t mean we “SEE” something. Many opportunities in life go unrecognized because at first glance we don’t perceive the value of an untapped opportunity. Recognition is the acknowledgment of something that is valid or is entitled to consideration. Can you recall the time you first discovered a talent that you now possess? Do you remember when you first recognized your spouse as a potential mate for life? Those recognitions alone have brought untold joy in your life.
What other discoveries are waiting to happen? Everything that can be discovered hasn’t been discovered. There are abilities and gifts that each of us possess, which go unrecognized. Opportunities disguised as mundane work that is passed over for lack of recognition. There are relationships; events and opportunities in your life that are latent with potential but remain untapped. Consider the awakening you experienced when you recognized the Lord? That one discovery has transformed your eternity. Yet there are millions of people who haven’t made that discovery yet. In the gospels some people recognized Christ and others didn’t. People can’t receive until they perceive the gift of God which is before them.  

    “And when they came out of the boat,
immediately the people recognized Him.”
Mark 6:54

Today, take time to inventory your life. Ask the Lord to help you be more aware and conscious of His divine opportunities. That which we fail to appreciate in our life will depreciate. What we fail to recognize will go unutilized.
Just a thought,

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