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Peak Experience

In your life, what are your top five peak experiences? A peak experience is a deeply moving and meaningful event in your life. They can fall into several categories, for example: divine experiences like the one David had as a teenager when he slew Goliath, or Elijah when he called fire down from heaven and it devoured the sacrifice on Mount Carmel. Scripture is replete with examples of men and women having these peak experiences. They are important because they become defining moments in your life that can propel you forward during trying times. David said, “I killed the lion and the bear, (recalling a previous peak experience), and this uncircumcised Philistine will be no different”.
(1 Samuel 17:36)

Reflecting on past peak experiences can offer courage, inspiration and hope when you are facing a current challenge. Take a moment to reflect on some past peak experiences: Who were you at that time? What were you feeling? Did you journal anything that the Lord might use to encourage you today? Capture your peak experience. You never know when you might need them. Life has its high points and low points (after Mount Carmel, Elijah collapsed under a juniper tree).By God’s grace may we obtain balance by living somewhere in between.

Just a thought,

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