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Needs vs. Wants

Our life can move from complexity to elegant simplicity once we are able to understand the difference between our wants and our needs. Usually, we throw around the words, “I need” when addressing what appears to be lacking in our life. Separating needs vs. wants will help us choose the “ONE THING” that is essential over the trivial things.
Let’s begin with some definitions: a “need” in the narrowest sense of the word is something that we must have to get along in this life – a NECESSITY. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, all humans need food, shelter, love, and belonging. In marriage, there are certain needs that a husband and a wife must have met for the survival of that relationship. The same goes for business. As an employee or employer, there are some non-negotiables that undergrid success. A want, on the other hand, is something we desire – something we would like to have. If a want goes unmet, one won’t suffer physically as if a need goes unmet. “Wants” that are unmet result in disappointment or emotional anguish but usually don’t rise to the level of suffering. Most young people today see their wants as needs. Kids don’t need an iPHONE but they sure can act like they do. Most of our wants can fall into the category of luxuries – things we would like to have but don’t really need. Making the distinction between needs and wants is a sign of spiritual maturity. God has promised to “meet our needs according to His riches in glory” (Phil. 4:19). He has promised to “grant the desires of our heart” (Ps. 37:4). Separating our needs vs. our wants will enrich our lives, relationships and pocketbooks. This weekend, we’ll be wrapping up our series on “ONE THING”, looking at how Mary chose between her wants and needs in Luke 10. If you live in Lubbock, hope you can make it.
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