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Purposeful Living

The Culligan man was at our house this week changing out our water filter. He was there to ensure us that we will continue to have uninterrupted filtered water. It’s a plus to have drinking water that doesn’t taste like Lake Allen Henry, if you know what I mean. As Culligan likes to remind us, “Water is vital to our home and health – we rely on it for cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, drinking, and nourishing. Water touches our lives in many ways.” Do you see the spiritual application? God’s Word is our filtration system. It keeps us healthy, happy, and thriving in a toxic culture. I am sure you were disappointed, as I was this past week, when the revelation surfaced about a congressman having to resign because he posted pictures of himself on Craig’s list. What are people thinking these days? The contamination level in our society is at an all time high. God’s Word is our filtration filter. It filters what we see, think, feel, and interact with on a daily basis. We need to purpose in our hearts that we do not allow ourselves to be defiled. I love the verse in Daniel 1:8, “But that Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not pollute himself…” What an encouraging word for us to live by.

Just a thought,

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