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It’s a Total Loss

Usually, the combination of these words is something you dread hearing, “It’s a total loss.” Those were the words I heard recently from my insurance adjuster regarding the accident that Jonathan and I were involved in Good Friday. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries and even though the accident wasn’t my fault, my insurance will have to make up the short fall. The other driver, who was a fault, was” under insured”. “It’s a total loss,” are tough words to hear relating to the loss of property when an accident or natural disaster occurs. In the aftermath of such events, you are comforted, if you are properly insured. But there are other times in life when you can face a “total loss”. It could be a business endeavor which goes south, or a relationship terminating, or perhaps a wrong choice is made in the heat of the moment and your integrity is compromised resulting in a total loss?

Jesus said, “But if you just use my words in Bible studies and don’t work them into your life, you are like a dumb carpenter who built a house but skipped the foundation. When the swollen river came crashing in, it collapsed like a house of cards. It was a total loss.” Luke 6:49 (MSG)

BUT, even if we blow it, we have the Lord’s blessed assurance that insures us – His grace is both available and inexhaustible for our “accident/disaster”, even it was our fault. According to Romans 8:28,” in the end God can redeem and restore allowing us to recover all”. God is in the business of taking a total loss and turning it in to a total win.

Just a thought,


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One Response to It’s a Total Loss

  • Miss Martinez says:

    Thank God you and your son were okay. Prayers to you and your family. God watches over his children. Bless you.