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False assumptions prevent us from finding creative solutions to our problems and, thereby, limit our potential. Many people and business leaders live under false assumptions.

Assumption: “a proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts” (Wiki).

People live with false assumptions that are formed early in life. This limits us; causing us to make false correlations about what we believe to be true.

People have false assumptions about money. They believe the economy is a zero-sum game, which means more for one means less for another. It’s called a scarcity mentality.

People have false assumptions about relationships, which in return undermine those relationships. It has been said, “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”

In Genesis 20, Abraham falsely assumed that the godless people of the region would kill him for his wife because of her beauty. He concocted a fabrication that Sarah was his sister. In Abraham’s case, this false assumption caused him to disobey God.

The interesting thing about assumptions is that they can become self-fulfilling prophecies – predictions that directly or indirectly become a reality due to positive reinforcement between belief and behavior. For example, if someone believes that their boss is out to fire him/her, that individual may begin to unconsciously exhibit behavior out of fear that will cause them to be fired.  

Fools base their thoughts on foolish


so their conclusions will be wicked madness;

Ecclesiastes 10:13 (NLT)

Ever since the fall of man, we have a negative bias, and assumptions come naturally.  We are wired to believe the worst about ourselves and others – instead of the best.  

False assumptions blind us to new opportunities. We must challenge our false assumptions. Jesus said, You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Don’t accept something at face value.

Identify the false assumptions you are living under, and then challenge them against the truth of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. 

Just a thought,


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