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Beliefs That Limit


John 8:32

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”



No one reading this devotional is totally free yet! We are all bound, limited and reduced in some measure by the things we believe. We are only free to the degree that we have accepted and believe the truth about God and ourselves. That is why we should be ferocious pursuers of the truth. Never accept something at face value just because you have been told it ; no matter how many times you have been told. How many successful people today where told over and over again that it couldn’t be done?


The cumulative experiences of our life result in certain beliefs. Whether those beliefs are true or not doesn’t matter, because if you accept them they become true for you. Think of your life as a garden. From the time you were born, ideas in seed form have been planted in the garden of your life, resulting in what has grown in that garden. All your beliefs, opinions, judgments, views and attitudes have been seeds you accepted in the garden of your life. Are you satisfied with what is growing? God’s Word is called the “incorruptible seed”. When the seed of God’s truth is planted over and over again in the soil of our lives, it will produce a harvest of blessing. For the past 32 years, I have replaced mistaken beliefs about myself and God with the truth, resulting in a greater personal freedom and fulfillment. It is not always easy challenging the things you believed to be true for so many years, only to discover you were wrong. Some people would rather go through life being wrong than to admit a mistaken belief. Yet, admission is the starting point for success.


What truth do you need to learn today?

Just a thought,





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