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It’s Your Move


Life resembles the game of chess. 

You make strategic moves. You advance your position. 

Eventually, you checkmate your opponent and win the

If your life is a board game…then who is your opponent? 

What are the obstacles in YOUR life that keep getting in
YOUR way? 

CHOICES are small moves that move us to victory.  

Read on and think hard about the three words you are about
to read:  Forgive! Forget! Go Forward! 

Without trying to sound super spiritual, I strongly believe
there is a prophetic tone to these three words.  They will
benefit anyone who takes them seriously. 
I firmly believe life is to be lived forward not backward.   

God spoke to Moses saying, “Tell the Children of Israel to go forward” (Ex. 14:15). 

What does forward look like for you in your life right now
 — in your relationships, finances, spiritual life, and your

Before you can go forward, you must forget.
Is Paul really telling us to forget what’s been done to us?  

We are humans who remember a lot…we don’t ever forget
that stuff, right?!…
believe Paul is telling us that it is possible for God to help
us forget the pain of all that hurt! 

Paul said, “Forgetting those things in the past” (Phil. 3:13).
Oh, the art of forgetting, so few have acquired it.  Will you
be one of them?  

Once again, here is the simple strategy for putting your
 opponent into “Check Mate.” 

You must learn to let go of your past wins; they are keeping
you from future wins. 

You must learn to let go of your past losses; for they are
tethering you to your past.  In order to forget; to move
forward; you must FORGIVE.

Forgiveness is the most powerful and strategic move! 

Who do you need to forgive

Maybe you can think of a specific person in your past who
has done you wrong, and today you are ready to practice
forgiveness. Perhaps, though, the biggest person you need
to forgive is yourself. 


Forgive, Forget, Go Forward! 

Just a thought


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