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Three Beliefs That Matter




Many people struggle to find happiness.   As a Pastor, I have to tell you —that hurts.  I want God’s people to be happy!

When you think of the word happy, what comes to mind?

Is happiness a by-product of something else?

What happens if you seek after happiness?

Well, I have lived half of my life and I will tell you what I have discovered.  The more you focus on trying to achieve happiness, the more it seems to elude you.

Has anyone else discovered that reality?

I think the secret to a happier life for all of us can be defined in the following three beliefs:

First, what I presently have is better than what I don’t have.Many people are duped into thinking that the next thing they are after is going to bring them happiness. Not the case.  Unless you are grateful for what you have today, the stuff you fill your life with tomorrow won’t satisfy.

Second, I don’t need more to be happier. Getting more can cause you to end up with less. If simply getting more is how you define wins in your life, then your motive is suspect. The more power, money, possession and fame some people acquire, the less joy, love and fulfillment they experience.  At the same time, their most valuable assets are usually neglected, namely their relationships. Getting more isn’t the issue —more can be a sign of God’s blessing…getting more becomes dubious when it becomes the end in-and-of-itself.

Thirdly, if I’m not happy now I won’t be happy when I get what I want.   Most of the time, we humans think thoughts like this:  When I _____, I will be happy.  The true test of whether or not you will be happy is whether you are happy right now.

I will warn you – you are about to read something really profound!  Please don’t just skim over these awesome words, allow them to become personal prayers.  

“The reason I want to be happy is to make you happy…”

2 Corinthians 2:3 (CEV)

“Whereas my happiness is to be near God…”

Psalm 73:28 (NJB)

Just a thought




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