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Find Your Sweet Spot

Discovering your “sweet spot” in life is what takes you to a new stratosphere of living where you are doing more with less. There is a term that is applied frequently to athletes who enter a certain dimension of play–it’s called ‘the zone.’ ‘The Zone’ is an extraordinary dimension of optimal performance. The zone can be achieved not only by athletes but my musicians, mathematicians, business leaders and yes even stay at home moms.

What is the zone? Well, in baseball, the batter is in the zone when the baseball looks as big as a basketball. In basketball the player is in the zone when every shot drops into the basket because the basket looks as big as a hula hoop.

Think of some of the greatest athletes you know they have found and know how to enter ‘the zone’ of optimal performance, also known as the Sweet Spot, the Flow or the Effortless Present. How do high achievers discover their sweet spot? Well it doesn’t take a degree in science the sweet spot is acquired through intentional and sustained practice by highly focused athletes resulting in spectacularly amazing feats in their field of expertise.

When the conditions are right in your life, marriage, business, walk of faith you can enter into your zone. It takes intentional work coupled with sustained focus in a designated area of your life to attain it, but you can!

Look at it this way; there are four levels of learning, applied to anything in life. I learned this in my Life Coaches Training:

Level one: Unconscious Incompetence.
I don’t know what I don’t know.

Level Two: Conscious Incompetence.
Now I know what I don’t know.

Level Three: Conscious Competence.
I know what I know.

Level Four: Unconscious Competence.
I am not aware, and I know.

Anything in life that you have learned: from riding a bike to flying an airplane occurs through this process. Take driving your car for instance. There are times you are in ‘the zone’ and can’t consciously remember if you stopped at all the red lights after you arrive at your destination.

Dr. Richard Keefe, the director of sport psychology at Duke University, explores this phenomenon in a book called On the Sweet Spot: Stalking the Effortless Present. He writes in his book, “The more you do something, the more the brain changes to devote its energy to that function.”

Do you want to attain new levels of output in your life? Then imagine what would occur if you became more intentional with your choices and time. Begin to intentionally practice at prayer, start Scripture reading and memorization. What could happen if you hired that Life Coach, took that course at The Kings University or pursued a mentoring relationship with a role-model in your field of interest? What new level could your marriage go to if you made a new commitment and begin to live out of it? I challenge you today be more intentional about achieving your goals and your results will be spectacularly amazing!

Just a though,

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