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Fill It!

No one likes empty! No one likes an empty wallet or bank account. No one likes to go home to an empty house. That’s why 62 percent of American households include at least one pet. American’s own 164 million pets in this nation. No one likes empty things. You wake up craving cereal in the morning you pour your favorite cereal in your favorite bowl then you go to the refrigerator and the milk is empty.

We hate the empty feeling we get when we make a wrong choice, or the empty feeling single people feel when they go through a breakup.

EMPTY: containing nothing; not filled or occupied.

Many years ago, Billy Graham stood on the campus of one of our great universities and he asked the Dean of that University, “What is the greatest problem on your campus?” He replied in one word: “Emptiness.”

The human heart craves for meaning, and yet a time of spiritual emptiness haunts millions. We have never had more possessions, more entertainment, more so-called friends, or more technology… and yet we are so empty!

Thousands of years ago King David addressed the problem of emptiness when he wrote, “The Lord in my shepherd; I shall not want.” He was not talking just about physical want, but spiritual want and emotional want.

Maybe today you are feeling empty as you read this blog. Maybe your life is empty. That isn’t necessarily bad. It can mean there is room for something new that can fill it.

God is an expert at filling empty things. In 2 Kings 4 there is a story of a widow in desperate need. Her husband had died and creditors were coming to take away her two sons to pay off the debt. In desperation,

she tracks down Elisha and gives him the run down. Elisha asked the widow what she had in her house the widow said, “Nothing but a little oil.”

It is amazing that most of us are good at seeing “NOTHING”. Most people look at their life and see “nothing”. They look at their opportunities and see “nothing”. They look at their future and see “nothing.” They look at their jobs and see “nothing.”


If nothing is all you see, then nothing is all you will ever have! When lack and deficiency is all you see then lack and deficiency will be all you’ll ever have. Sometimes nothing can lead to something.

God creates out of nothing; and therefore,
until a man is nothing, God can make nothing of him. –Martin Luther

This widow had something: she had “a little oil.” She was soon to realize that God specializes in “little.” Jesus used a mustard seed as an illustration of faith and God’s Kingdom. The mustard seed is 1 or 2mm in diameter, yet according to Jesus it can grow into a large garden plant.

Miracles like a mustered seed start small. That is why Scripture reminds us, “Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.” Jesus took a little boy’s lunch and fed thousands. Never underestimate the power little.


This woman’s miracle began with one empty jar. You have to start somewhere. She went and borrowed as many jugs, jars and flasks as she possible could, and as long as she had an empty vessel, the oil from her single jar kept flowing.

This single mom started out with just a little oil. But that “little oil” grew into massive amounts of oil. The vessels ran out before the oil ran out!

LITTLE BECOMES MUCH WHEN GOD IS IN IT!! If all you have is a little song start singing it.
If all you have is a little joy start sharing it.
If all you have is a little love start giving it.

If all you have is a little wisdom start using it. If all you have is a little money start giving it. If all you have is a little gift start exercising it.


The oil was the channel, but God was the source. Your job is a channel of God’s blessing, but not your source. Your investments are a channel of God’s blessing, but not the source. Your talents, skills and abilities are a channel of God’s blessing, but they are not the source.


Just a Thought, Carl

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