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The By-Product Principle

What is the by-product principle? Certain achievements and individual attainments in life are acquired and are the result of focused pursuit. Often, it’s the unseen unintended results of unrelated actions or the by-product that allows us to achieve and attain things that are meaningful to us in life. For example, when it comes to things like success, happiness, or changing something in our life that we no longer want to put up with. Usually acquiring success happiness and change, doesn’t come from us pursuing it directly but it’s the by-product of something else. It is the by-product principle. Take for example success or the achievement of success. Usually, success doesn’t come because we’re striving to reach a certain level financially. Success is a by-product of excellence hard work dedication patience, and it’s the by-product of putting more important things first place in our lives.

Jesus said in Matthew 6.33 (NKJV), “33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

So if we’re seeking after success, it’s always going to be elusive, but if we’re seeking after honoring and pleasing God, then God’s Word says God will add that to us. Happiness. Well, how do you define happiness? What is happiness? What is the pursuit of happiness? Well, we all know happiness is elusive the more you try to pursue this feeling of happiness the less happy you’re going to be. Here’s what we know, happiness is a by-product. It’s the by-product of putting others first in your life. It’s the by-product of living our lives according to what we value. Most importantly according to what God values, that what God values becomes our values. When we align our lives around what we deem as valuable, we begin to live a life of integrity. One of the things we should value is putting the needs of others in front of our own needs. Happiness is wanting to help those who are hurting right now in Houston. As we serve and give, as we do our part in trying to alleviate the pain and suffering in someone else’s life, what will be the by-product of that? We will feel better about ourselves, and we’ll be happier. When it comes to change, how do we acquire change? How do we see certain things in our lives change? We can go after those things, but it’s the by-product principle as we get focused on living a more whole, complete life after God’s standards and values, and we begin to pursue living the way Christ intended. By following the example and teachings of Christ, low and behold, the byproduct principle is once we focus on positive, productive things and doing better things in and with our life the by-product will be things that we wanted to change in our lives will begin to change. It’s the by-product principle, it’s not going directly to something as much as going after God, and as we go after God and put first things first in our life, all these other things begin to fall into place. I hope you will put further thought into the by-product principle, and many things we enjoy in life isn’t going directly after them, but it’s the by-product of doing the right things that will begin to produce the right results in our life.

You’re God’s Best


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