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The Price of Progress is Pain

I wanted to take a moment to talk about to give you a sneak peek into the theme for my message this weekend. I will tell about how there’s a price to pay for progress in life, and it’s a pain. Anytime you want to see growth in your life; it’s going to take some pain. And if you’re going to see progress in the area of your relationships, you know sometimes relationships have to go through what we call growing pains, right? If you want to see progress in your spiritual life, then you’re going to experience some pain. Some discomfort. You know prayer, fasting, seeking the Lord, to progress and move forward in our faith. If we want to see progress in the area of our finances, to get out of debt, then we’re going to have to feel some pain. The pain of saying no to Starbucks, right? Or the pain of saying no to that extra piece of clothing that maybe we don’t need. The price of progress in any area of life there’s going to be some pain. The old saying is true, “no pain, no gain.” And so, if we’re willing though if we’re willing to experience some pain. Momentary discomfort; we can see significant progress.

Those of you that are students, you understand to progress, to achieve your educational goal, you’re going to experience some pain. The pain that’s in the process. So get this between the promises of God for our life and the fulfillment of those promises, between the promise and the provision there’s a process, it’s called the process of pain. You know a lot of times, we enjoy being on the summit of the mountain, but we don’t enjoy the climb up the mountain. We enjoy being healthy and in shape, the outcome, but we don’t like the process. The process of getting in shape. You know, we have to experience some pain. In marriage, to have a lasting, fulfilled, intimate, loving relationship with your spouse, there’s the process. The process is going to include some pain, there are growing pains in all of life. Nothing comes easy.

You look at King David, when he was just a teenager, God promised him to be king. That was the promise, the provision, the fulfillment of that, there was a process of pain, and he had to go through some difficult seasons to end up as the king. In the life of Joseph, there was the promise, then there was God’s provision, and then there is the finished product of Joseph being a mighty ruler in Egypt, but between the promise and the final product there was a  process of pain. So where are you at in the continuum of progressing and reaching for your goals? There’s going to be some pain along the way, and it’s not always bad. Even the Lord Jesus, He had to endure the pain of the cross so that we can enjoy the glorious salvation. He had to pay that price. The price of progress in any area of life is that there’s going to be some pain. I just want to encourage you, if you’re going through a season of discomfort or season of pain just to remember that with the progress that you want to see in your life there’s going to be some pain. But don’t fret because God is always there to encourage and support us. The price of progress is pain. Keep your head up, keep your spirits high, look to the Lord He is your source of strength no matter what you’re facing or going through, God will see you through.

You’re God’s Best


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